In recent years, Data Science has enabled insurers to personalise customer experience and optimise operations. Strategic data investments are on the rise for competitive differentiation.

The first African instalment of the Insurance Data Science Conference (IDSC) is coming to Johannesburg (new date to be announced).

The international version has been held in European cities for the past 7 years and returns to London in 2020. I am delighted to be a keynote speaker for the event.

This one-day conference aims to bring together industry and academic experts from the fields of insurance, data science and computer science.

My talk will explore the size of the African opportunity. How do African insurers capitalise on emerging technologies in a thriving and diverse economic context?

The role of professionals is evolving and their toolkits expanding. How will actuaries and other professionals come to the party and not become obsolete in the face of advances in data science and artificial intelligence?

Numerous data scandals have made the headlines in recent years. How do we define appropriate ethical boundaries while still seizing opportunities to innovate?

See you there! For more information.