In so many of my personal coaching conversations it strikes me how many life goals and dreams bear little relation to what is occupying clients’ lives today.

For some, their current occupations are a necessary and deliberate means to an end and for others, these conversations have revealed a need for further introspection about their life missions and to start to point their lives in that direction.

The same could be extended to unconstructive thoughts, emotions, relationships, and situations… and even attachments to things.

Is there anything in your life that is creating mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual dissonance? We may derive comfort from holding onto the familiar and in doing so occupy valuable space and consume precious energy.

Take the time to create an inventory of what no longer suits the life you wish to pursue. A deliberate purge can do wonders. Start small, reflect often, and live consciously!

Marjorie Ngwenya – Career Coaching

Today and every day, let go of what no longer serves you and make space for what deserves you. I work with clients to identify and realign priorities in their lives. For more information about my career coaching and how I can assist you – please contact me.