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As an actuarial consultant, motivational speaker and professional with a strong commitment to educating, servicing and volunteering – I have spoken at a number of industry conferences globally.

Some topics include the growth and development of actuarial science, the roles actuaries play in business and society, as well as encouraging our youth to consider becoming actuaries.

It is vital for the actuarial profession that we discuss and encourage growth and development, while nurturing the minds of tomorrow.

Additionally, I have chaired numerous events and done motivational speaking within professional communities and at industry networking events.

I am available for conferences, workshops and talks throughout the year. For more information about my services as a motivational speaker, actuarial topics or educational talks, please contact me.

Some examples below:


International Association of Actuaries Colloquium, Cape Town – April 2019

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International Association of Actuaries, Berlin – June 2018

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International Association of Black Actuaries, Washington DC (Keynote Speaker) – 29 July 2017

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Queen Mary, Annual Actuarial Lecture – 9 October 2017

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African Development Conference 2017, Harvard University, Boston – 1 April 2017

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Sub Saharan Africa Regional Security Conference, Botswana – September 14-16, 2015
Association of Reinsurers and Insurers of Developing Countries, Victoria Falls – September 2014

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CASS Business School – February 2013

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Imperial College Business School – November 2012 and October 2013
London School of Economics – November 2010

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Online video and audio content

Presidential address – June 2017

Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe, Professionalism Skills – June 2017

Qualification Framework (December 2017)

PowerFM interview, May 2016 (audio)

Understanding actuarial standards – November 2012