Career Coaching

Coaching for Transformation

Sometimes, the path towards change is unclear or even scary, requiring renewed thinking, habits, or both.

For those determined to get results this year and want to chart an intentional path to success, this is an invitation to invest in personal growth.

Career Coaching will help you achieve what you never thought you could.

career coaching in South Africa
career coaching in South Africa

An investment for growth

Like any worthwhile pursuit, achieving great results requires time and investment. And like any investment, you expect to see a return. I have witnessed incredible results from people who have intentionally pursued their visions and committed themselves to being excellent in all they do.

My coaching clients have:

  • Removed career barriers resulting in promotions, pay-rises or external job offers.
  • Improved their interpersonal skills and navigated challenging workplace politics.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, procrastination and self-doubt to succeed in their careers.
  • Achieved their life and career goals with targeted techniques and greater clarity.
  • Renewed and articulated their propositions to secure new clients and opportunities.
  • Recommitted their energy to their work and to building collaborative relationships.

Coaching Experience 

My coaching experiences include working with:

  • An early-career professional entering a new role within an unfamiliar domain. Our sessions were geared towards navigating her challenging transition, enabling self-belief and equipping her with tools to navigate the uncertainty.
  • A mid-career professional to rehabilitate workplace relationships, communicating with clarity and impact.
Life Coach

Overcoming Obstacles and Seizing Success

One of my recent highlights was working with a phenomenal client mired in workplace politics, unclear about her life direction and lacking in self-belief.

She felt that she was going through the motions and couldn’t walk away from what was, on paper, a lucrative and sought-after job, even if the reality was vastly different. She perpetually procrastinated, avoiding any kind of feedback which might affirm her fears about her capability.

Further, work was encroaching into her personal life, absorbing her free time and energy.

Together, we shaped goals, untangled the roots of her self-doubt, designed techniques for better productivity and defined boundaries for her professional life.
As a truly transformed leader, she now communicates with confidence, has secured a promotion, mastered techniques for purposefully tackling her goals and reaffirmed her values. It was my pleasure to work with her towards a more fulfilling and authentic expression of her life and it brings me great joy to watch her thriving.

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