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Marjorie has worked across diverse geographies and cultures and resided in the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Her career began in an audit firm and subsequently worked in consultancy, direct insurance and reinsurance across the fields of pensions, life and health insurance and risk management.



My philosophy is premised on the belief that each of us has a bespoke life purpose to fulfil. My role as a coach is to facilitate the journey towards purposeful living, by exploring how a client’s personal values and strengths can be leveraged to realise this goal. I believe in challenging long-held assumptions and limiting beliefs to live authentically and without fear of judgement.


My coaching experiences include working with:

  • A young adult battling feelings of hopelessness while making decisions about their life path. Our dialogue enabled a journey of marrying their values, strengths and interests to get to a point of clarity.
  • An early-career professional entering a new role within an unfamiliar domain. Our sessions were geared towards navigating her challenging transition, enabling self-belief and equipping her with tools to navigate the uncertainty.
  • A mid-career professional to rehabilitate workplace relationships, communicating with clarity and impact.


I am a Certified Coach Professional, through the Certified Coaches Federation. I have spent over twenty years as an executive and non-executive in financial services and not-for-profit organisations with global leadership roles. My experience includes leadership of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (UK) as its first African and its youngest president in 160 years. I have taught, coached and mentored professionals to achieve their high impact goals.


Marjorie takes a calm, measured approach in her coaching and aims to be objective and unbiased. She is able to support the coachee to get to the root causes and/or underlying layers of any challenges. Her advice is clear and there is follow up of actions agreed on.

Outcomes have included clarity on interaction with my stakeholders and a plan in place as to how to move forward with my goals and ambitions. I also have added clarity gained from having in her a sounding board from a perspective of experience. 
Senior Actuary, Swiss Re Africa (2020)

Marjorie’s approach is to provoke the thinking behind an option or decision rather than dictate the ‘most suitable’ approach. She never speaks from a place of being ‘all-knowing’. In our interactions, I feel that she learns from me as I learn from her.

Through my interaction with Marjorie I have come to realise that there is no perfect role or neatly paved career path that exists outside of your own interests and goals. To have a rewarding and fulfilling career depends on one’s own vision for their success and future. One’s vision can be influenced by their talents or mission, and a career is a means to realise this. There is no right answer; only an answer right for you and by you.

Data Analyst, Liberty (2019)

Marjorie is an authentic relationship builder. She uses knowledge mixed with a large dose of empathy to support people in different role profiles. She helps the people she coaches to summarise the scenario, to think about what they can change to be able to move into a different head space and encourages them to achieve those goals.

She helps clients to navigate politically complex situations, which enables the person to feel empowered and stay true to themselves. She often uses different techniques to assist clients to see work scenarios from a different perspective. Whether your career goals are large or about reaching the next pay grade or coping in the current role you have, Marjorie can assist you to make that goal achievable. 

Head of Product Development, Liberty Africa (2010 – 2020)

Marjorie played a very inspiring role in enabling me achieve my professional qualification. I was amazed at her professionalism and natural passion for helping young people achieve their career dreams.


She sparked my drive to complete my qualification and this motivation kept me going until I qualified. Marjorie continues to be invaluable in connecting me to her network. Her personality, humility and ability to connect with people are simply extraordinary and exemplary.

Head of Life Actuarial Services department, Leadway Assurance Co. Ltd, Nigeria (2016 – 2020)

Commercial roles

Marjorie is as a freelance actuarial consultant. She was formerly Executive Director at ALU School of Insurance, a social entrepreneurial collaboration of the insurance industry on the African continent.

Board Roles

Marjorie serves as non-executive director for a number of financial services and not for profit companies.

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Roles within the actuarial profession

Marjorie is a member and volunteer of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), headquartered in the UK. The IFoA is a membership body; educating and regulating its over 31,000 members are among its responsibilities.

Marjorie was elected by the IFoA Council to the presidential team in June 2016 and she was the first IFoA president to be based outside the UK. She is also the youngest president in the organisation’s 160 year history, the third female and the first person of colour.

Marjorie is a Past President of the IFoA. In her role as president she chaired its 30 person Council.

• She for years as a member of the IFoA’s Council. She was formerly a chair of the Nominations Committee, a member of the Management Board, Remuneration Committee and the Audit & Risk Committee.

From 2009 to 2011 she was Editor of The Actuary magazine circulated to a worldwide readership of over 20,000.


Marjorie is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Fellowship is the highest level of qualification attainable with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). 

Prior to her actuarial training she completed the ATT qualification of the Association of Taxation Technicians (UK).

Marjorie is a holder of a Sloan Masters of Leadership and Strategy from the London Business School. She was a recipient of the Sloan scholarship. The Masters in Leadership and Strategy focuses on strategy, leadership and change, and globalisation. This programme covered a blend of technical and organisational behaviour topics to provide a solid grounding in the tools, frameworks and analytical skills to effectively lead change and drive the performance of an organisation.

She has also completed the Channel Leadership Program at INSEAD.

She is a Certified Coach Professional.


As an actuary who is passionate about continuous development, she has given her time to teach undergraduate/postgraduate actuarial students at universities in the UK, Kenya and Armenia. She has also delivered actuarial lectures and training in the UK, Bulgaria, India, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria

She is a Visiting Lecturer at Cass Business School, UK and has presented at a number of industry conferences


Marjorie is a keen linguist and speaks the following languages: English (fluent), Shona (fluent), French and Dutch (A Level passes/intermediate)

She is a freeman of the City of London and liveryman of Worshipful Company of Actuaries – a charitable arm of the actuarial profession

She enjoys swimming and is an enthusiastic singer.

Beginner Spanish

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